Life and times of

Samuel Clark

My own personal look into those things that matter to me in this crazy world we live in.

The most important thing in my life is God and my love for Jesus.

Samuel Clark

Living life 1 day at a time. I did not start this site till my 56 year of my life at the end of 2021. Funny thing is I have had this domain for years and never was ready to start this site till now. God works in mysterious ways. I hope you enjoy following  me and all I have to share, or if there is some specific area, that is fine too :0 

You will find various topics on the blog in which will cover the areas of my life and what is happening.

Put God first

Our time on earth is limited. Our relationship with God is forever. Pick up your Bible with me daily and lets make God the highest priority in our lives in 2022

Join us live for a daily bible reading and discussion