In this article I am going to discuss how to look at SEO in 2020 and what you should be doing moving forward.

When looking at SEO in 2020 I have some thoughts that may go against the grain of typical SEO Experts. I am going to touch on this now and then come back to some areas where you will want to look at when doing your SEO.

Probably the biggest thought moving forward is when your website has some authority, link building and SEO in general can be downplayed. I am not saying to not deploy the basics, but to spend a ton of time on SEO in 2020 is kind of pointless. When you are writing and developing great content, there is less need to think about the typical SEO components than before.

We are always writing for our audience first, not the Search engines. In 2010 we wrote for the search engines and played the game. Those who just wrote and wrote useful content, stayed through and survived every Google update. Those who gamed the search engines and over optimized did not or suffered greatly from it. 

So, moving forward with your SEO? Just write great content consistently and over time you will see results. Let’s cover some mistakes many make and see if we can help you avoid a few of these.

Top Five SEO Mistakes Not to Make In 2020


Maybe the top mistake you can make is to tackle the toughest keywords out of the gate. If you do any research on the top 10 or 20 sites in most major niches, they are high ranking authority sites that are well established. You are not going to compete with them early on. It takes time to establish yourself in a market.

Instead, look for all the variations of these top phrases. People are doing much longer searches and using natural voice sentences to find what they want. Think this way when developing your content.

On top of that, you are going to find much higher conversions for long tail keywords then you will with short top of the niche phrases. Search has changed over the years and this one is a big one.

There is a cool tool called Ubersuggest that you can use to help with this. I will be developing a training video on Ubersuggest soon but for now here is a great video on Ubersuggest that will help you get started.

Here is a great free video overview of Ubersuggest

When you find a phrase that you want to develop content around make sure you do an allinttitle: search. You will want to go to google and look at this aspect. It will say a lot about the competition from a very quick viewpoint. Just go to google search and start with the allintitle: — then type in your phrase. So Allintitle: how to use Ubersuggest. You will see in the picture below that there are over 6000 websites on the internet with the phrase “how to use Ubersuggest”. If I was just starting out a website and wanted to talk about Ubersuggest, that initially looking is going to be a challenging keyword to rank for. When starting out you really want phrases that are under 2000 all in title. The lower the better.

Thinking about the search intent is very important. Why would someone type in how to use Ubersuggest? They are looking for how to use the tool. Since Ubersuggest is free to use and owned by Neil Patel, I know if I rank for that phrase, I am likely also going to be sending traffic to his website. Also, since it is a free tool, although useful for my audience, it is not something that is typically going to lead to any time of conversion initially.

 You are writing to your audience to add value, lots of value. Value = trust = following you. Don’t start out with thinking about making money out of the gates. Think about building a following who like, know and trust you. Money will come later 🙂

The Second Biggest Mistake In SEO In 2020 Is Lack of Analytics and Tracking

This one is surprising, but I see it all the time. How do you know what is working if you are not tracking what you are doing? Seems logical, yet with all the free tracking tools we must analyze data, it is surprising to see many websites and even so called “marketers” who have none in place. I ask them a simple question and they have no idea. This makes things very challenging moving forward as to what direction you need to take your content in if you really don’t know what people want. 

Putting in Google Analytics is a basic tenement of any website and you should do this and monitor your website. It is not hard to do. If you are using WordPress, today many themes come built in ready to drop the code that Google gives you. 5-10 minutes and you can have this set up. So, make sure you do this ASAP. 

Other tracking is link tracking. When doing things off site, or advertising of any sorts, make sure you at the very least use a service like bitly and attach tracking to EVERY link you create. This allows you to know that where your traffic is coming from. What is the sense of continuing to put up links that no one is finding? Time is important and this will help you not waste it. 

Also, when it comes to data, make sure you do audits on your website often. There are lots of tools out there to help you with this. Inside our crowdfunding software club, we have a tool called CoreSEO that normally would cost you around $100. It is part of our club and a great way for you to monitor your website and other people’s website for baseline SEO.

The 3rd biggest mistake in SEO in 2020 is your page title and meta descriptions.


The Page title is what shows up in search. It is your headline. In this hyper speed world, we live in where attention spans are shortening all the time. Having a great Page title will mean the difference between getting the click and getting passed by. Hyper targeted answers for a search query is what I want, and searchers want. I do NOT want to be misled either. If you mislead someone into clicking through to your site, don’t expect them to come back anytime soon. 

Meta descriptions are the 160 characters below your 50 character page title, that if your title draws the interest of the potential visitor, then they will scan your description and determine all in just a few seconds if it is worth their time to click through to your website. Are you answering their question and query? 

Matching titles and descriptions, followed up with great content that matches will lead to conversions, visits, opt-in and follows.

The 4th Biggest Mistake You Can Make in Your SEO in 2020?

Not linking internally to relevant content especially on your website. As people are reading your content, you may be giving them great info, but it may not quite answer all they are looking for. By linking to other relevant content, you are giving the user a better experience. It is also good onsite SEO to use important related phrases and link them as anchor text. Instead of “click here for more info”, you can say, “Why SEO Does Not Matter In 2020” and link to that article. I plan to write about this topic so when I develop that article, I will want to link to it. 

You should be doing this naturally within the context of your writing on your site. This is great for your user and great for Google. However, keep it on topic. Do not stray and link to far out into your website. If you are talking about SEO, don’t link to Video creation. That is not why your visitor is here. If they want to read about Video creation, they can click on your video tab. 

Over time by internally linking and structing your content well, your authority and rankings will increase and your reach into hundreds if not thousands of keywords and phrases people are searching for will also increase exponentially. 

If you really want to master the art of content development, I highly recommend Andy’s Williams system called Web Content Studio. He in my eyes nailed it years ago and developed a tool to help you write better optimized content.

Writing for SEO VS Writing for your Audience is SEO Mistake number 5 in 2020


Well this mistake could date back to 2003. Always keep in mind that you are writing for humans. What you want is content that is great, solves problems, entertains and gives people what they are looking for. 

Optimizing only for search engines and spending a ton of time on researching keywords and analyzing everything to death is NOT going to ultimately bring people to your website. What will? Great, valuable content and lots of it. All this time researching and analyzing keywords and website is cool and all, but it takes time. We only have 24 hours in a day. When it comes to developing a website. Writing as much as possible and getting that up on your website using basic SEO explained above, will do what you need it to do. 

Now, I love numbers and have always enjoyed doing keyword research, ya I am weird, and it does give great insights to what and how people search. However, it can also hold me back from doing the most important thing I can be doing. Developing content that is valuable.

The last point I want to make here in this article is to really think about the various ways to utilize your content. It takes time to write good content that is valuable. There are 2 tips I want to make here. 

  1. Utilize other people’s content to stimulate your writing. This has worked particularly well for me. I do not copy people’s content word for word and you never should. However, as a springboard for writing, even this article came across my desk, and I saved it. Then used it as a reference for my writing in my own words. 
  1. Repurpose your content. This is huge. Look if you spend an hour just writing a good piece of content, how many ways can you distribute it and how many places.

 Example. I am going to turn this into a Facebook live, then I will upload it to YouTube. Then I can add it to a couple of tools that will break up the article into snippets and simply drip feed those snippets to various social sites, then I can turn it into an podcast as well. 

Never look at your content as a single piece…more coming on this and ways to do it soon.